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Effective warehousing is equal parts floor space, safety and inventory management. TMS Automotive delivers on all three counts with multiple warehousing locations and the ability to set up and manage remote locations all over the country.

Parts Washing and
Rust Inhibitor Applications

TMS Automotive uses aqueous-based cleaners to provide safe, environmentally-friendly blends for all our customer's needs. Using automated conveyor-belt degreasers, high pressure cabinet washers, and dip tanks, our system delivers parts cleaning and rust inhibitors when you need it.

Repackaging and Quality Sort

As freight moves in and out of our warehouse space, we can package and repackage it to suit your next freight move. Product Recalls?? Don't endure extra transportation costs by sending your product to another location for inspection. Let us do it in house.

A&M Carriers

Trucking services are available through our sister company A&M Carriers, We are able to provide regional dry van truckload, expedited truckload, intermodal, and logistics services to the manufacturing, retail, and automotive industries. We also provide direct service into the Canadian province of Ontario.

We know your business and inventory needs are unique. Have a request that doesn’t appear on our list?   Contact us to create a solution that's right for you!